Man Vows On Live TV To Spend Powerball Winnings On Hookers And Cocaine

Maybe honesty wasn't the best policy for this Powerball player.Ophelia Young from Las Vegas-based Fox 5 traveled to the town of Primm, which straddles the border of California and Nevada, to report on the long lines of people trying to buy Powerball tickets ahead of Wednesday night's drawing. Many Nevada residents cross the California border to buy their tickets because Nevada doesn't sell them.

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The No. 1 beer for fans of each NFL team

In general, NFL fans say they like Bud Light beer best (most popular with the fans of 10 teams), followed by Blue Moon (most popular with four teams), according to a study released Friday by Nielsen and social network Bartrendr, which analyzed more than 10 million online conversations among football fans. When it comes to liquor, they like Jack Daniels the most, followed by Hennessy.

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Mike Tyson falls off his hoverboard


 Chipotle Will Use Central Kitchen for Some Ingredients After E. Coli Outbreak

Yes I'll take an all natural steak burrito please, made from your responsibly raised grass fed cows, topped with your fajita veggies that were grown in only the most pure soil, and your fresh tomato salsa to top it off. And for my side I'd like some of your all natural, organic e.coli please...Yes that should complete my order...

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 Science Says Having a Kid Is One of the Crappiest Things That Can Happen to You

A horrifying study published last week in the journal Demography suggests that being a new parent makes you miserable. The study, by the Canadian demographer Rachel Margolis and others, titled "Parental Well-Being Surrounding First Birth as a Determinant of Further Parity Progression," was carried out in Germany, a country that recently surpassed Japan as the place with the lowest birthrate in the world.

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Bills Fan Posts on Craigslist Looking for Guy She Gave HJ While Boyfriend Was Getting Food

Normally I would say, "Only in Florida..." but this time the weirdness is going down in Buffalo!
A guy found this ad on Craigslist's missed connections section of a girl looking for a stranger that she gave a handjob to while her boyfriend was away getting beers at the Bills game!!

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The one day the ladies can TRUELY be themselves





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bar mom


Topless tanning an issue at Woodlawn Beach....My Beach

HAMBURG, N.Y. (WKBW) - Topless tanning. Though it's been a concern of some at Woodlawn Beach, it is not illegal in New York State. Some beach-goers say it shouldn't be allowed because there are many children at the beach and they do not want their kids exposed to this.

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 It sounds sexist, but women doing less housework than in the 1960's may be related to the obesity epidemic: study

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