New Warning: Morning-After Pill Doesn't Work for Women Over 176 Pounds

The European manufacturer of a pill identical to Plan B says its product won't work for women who weigh more than 176 pounds. Will American pharma companies warn women of weight limits?
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Semen is 'good for women's health and helps fight depression'

Oral sex is good for women's health and makes you feel happier, according to a study which studied the effects of semen's 'mood-altering chemicals'.
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17 Backhanded Compliments Guys Give Women

"You got a promotion! That's adorable." Unless you work at a baby kitten factory, and it therefore is literally adorable, this is not acceptable behavior.
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10 things your kids won’t tell you

Couples thinking about starting a family might want to boost their saving goals. The cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 is higher than the price of the average American home: Middle-income parents spend over $241,000 to raise a child, according to a study released last month by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. That’s almost the price of a new house: The median price of a new home currently stands at around $270,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And statistics show that, unsurprisingly, the more a family earns, the more they spend on their kids.
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The 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Your Career Rather Than A Relationship

Our twenties are our most pivotal time when it comes to setting up ourselves for the future. All the work we put in now will be crucial to our success later in life. This is the foundation for the rest of our lives and it is important that we do it right.
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32 Shocking Divorce Statistics

The U.S. Census Bureau found that divorce rates for most age groups have been dropping since 1996. Looking at specific divorce statistics for age and region — as well as gay and celebrity divorce rates — can provide an interesting picture of divorce stats in the U.S.
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Vasectomy: $400. Speechless look on her face: priceless. 

I'll try to sum up a funny story that happened a few years ago: 

I got a vasectomy.
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Positive pregnancy tests in high demand on Craiglist

Troubling new trend alert: In the last few months, there’s been a preponderance of Craigslist ads selling positive pregnancy tests. In May, a woman in Buffalo offered hers for $25, apparently as a response to heightened demand: 
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Atheists 'have higher IQs': Their intelligence 'makes them more likely to dismiss religion as irrational and unscientific' 

Atheists tend to be more intelligent than religious people, according to a US study.
Researchers found that those with high IQs had greater self-control and were able to do more for themselves - so did not need the benefits that religion provides.
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Average cost to raise a kid: $241,080

From day care to the monthly grocery bill, the cost of raising a child is climbing at a rate that many families can't keep up with.
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 It sounds sexist, but women doing less housework than in the 1960's may be related to the obesity epidemic: study

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