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Welcome To Math Class

Stop right there folks, you made it! Kevin's New Math rules and theories are here, in one convenient place!

They will help you through, and get you out of that stale relationship. Better yet, make sure you don't end up in one again.

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The stories are what give The New Math it's reason to exist. Don't end up a beaten dog! For god sake stop settling and start studying The New Math today! Get rid of that fugly and get what you deserve!

The New Math is discussed regularly on The Kevin Kaye Show. Tune in often to hear him discuss the rules and theories that will help you get laid more often, and without the burdon of being tied down. In the meantime, read over some of The New Math rules and theories that Kevin has put together for you. Until next time, stay single my friends!!

Get out your No.2 pencils and take down some notes. Let's start with this:


What is The New Math?
The new math is a theory that was written by Kevin and his close friend about 10 yrs ago after they both found themselves in similar relationship situations. both their relationships were stale and the girls were completely taking advantage of them. not to mention the lies, deceit, and lack of caring that the girls showed. they call this the "about to crash" stage of the relationship, at this time, "the new math" is applied. Kevin and his friend knew something had to change, if not for anything else, their own self preservation. "the new math" will get you to the bottom of the situation. it can either turn the tables back in your favor or better yet, get rid of the poison in your life that was stealing your money, time, and self esteem. it really works. tune into the Kevin Kaye show for a more in depth understanding of the theory.


When to apply The New Math:
Has your relationship taken a turn for the worst? Is the other person totally disregarding your feelings? Are there double standards? Has the other person changed and its really pissing you off? Have you lost control and feel like you're being taken advantage of? Welcome to the "About to Crash" stage of this relationship. If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to apply "The New Math"


Who should apply "The New Math"?
Are your feelings being disregarded? Getting taken advantage of? Then YOU should apply "The New Math". Don't just sit there like a pussy damn it! Regain control and apply "The New Math" today!


Where should "The New Math" be applied?
"The New Math" was written for bad relationships, however, "The New Math" theories, once mastered, can be applied in almost any social situation. Relationships, marriages, family, friends, co-workers, your boss, your job......use it everywhere!


Why should you use "The New Math"?
Quite simply, "The New Math" should be used to regain control and stop people from taken advantage of you. Stop being the doormat of your relationships.


How to apply "The New Math"
The concept of "The New Math" is pretty easy to grasp and apply. The hard part is having the balls to use it. All you have to do is "give them a taste of their own medicine". When things start going awry, and you get that gut feeling that something isn't right, it usually isn't! Trust that feeling. Of course you can try talking about it, but you'll never get an honest answer. So whatever the situation is that is being thrown at you from others, take it, turn it around, and do the same exact thing back to them. Take your'e time, don't be obvious, be patient, and plan your'e attack. This is a game of chess, that you will win. Match them move for move and use their actions against them. Unknowingly, they're writing their own destiny and playing right into your hands. Eventually, everything will come out in the wash, but be prepared, it may not be the answers you wanted to hear.


"The New Math" produces results
"The New Math" works! It's a fail safe plan with really only two possible outcomes. 1.) You will get your point across when they become aggravated with the way you've been acting (even though it's exactly what they've been doing to you). This is the moment you get the ball back, regain control, and can call them out on their bullshit. They may not like the taste of their own medicine. 2.) They won't care one way or the other, and things won't change at this point. This will let you know things are over and it's time to move on. They are no longer the person you came to know. This may not be the answer you want, but in the long run, you'll be better off. You shouldn't want to be in a situation like that anyways!


The 5 year theory
This theory is probably the most important and has yet to be proven wrong. Women change every 5 years, from the time they turn 13 and on in 5 year increments. So what you have is 13, 18, 23, 28, 33, 38, then 40. 40 is usually when they have their "midlife crisis" and evaluate their life thus far. Be aware of this theory guys. If your'e not caught of guard by this, it's fun to sit back and watch it unfold. Just know when women hit one of 5 year marks (give or take a year or two), they will change. This usually means so does their romantic life, so be prepared to be kicked to the curb with the other changes they've made even if you've done nothing wrong. Now of course there are ways to buy yourself more time with them by getting engaged, getting married, and god forbid having kids with them. This is highly not recommended! Those decisions could quite possibly end up being the biggest mistake you'd make in your life. A mistake you'll probably end up paying for the rest of your life. Women naturally get bored very easily and expect you to keep them entertained. Most women don't even have one hobby they can honestly say they enjoy doing by themselves. Don't bother! Instead, use that energy on bettering yourself, not entertaining them! Chances are that you'll end up getting kicked to the curb either way. Everything in life is temporary guys, especially relationships. The quicker you learn, the better off YOU'LL be.


Top 13 "New Math" rules

- Be an asshole, women love it!
- Spend as little money as possible on a date, no more than $50
- Use condoms ALL the time
- 4 date rule, if they don't put out by then, MOVE ON! it's not gonna happen
- DO NOT get married
- DO NOT let them move in with you
- DO NOT have kids with them
- DO NOT pay their bills
- Watch the single mother's, they're trouble
- There are no second chances, what's done is done, move on
- DO NOT compliment women
- DO NOT date women with more guy friends than you
- YOU run the show


Tune into The Kevin Kaye Show for in depth discussion and details of the rules and theories of "The New Math"




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